CnCNet News - August

Here's a recap of some recent progress on CnCNet and related projects as well as events in our game communities.

CnCNet News - August
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Posted by Grant
Published 1 month ago

We haven't posted much news or major updates lately, but we've been working on several things behind the scenes. Here's a recap of some recent progress on CnCNet and related projects as well as events in our game communities.

CnCNet - in development

- Ranked Match client update - ability to queue all ranked ladders at once, with Sneer

- A new map database browser - follow the project-development chat with yuris-director, Zordon. ⁠

- A rewrite of the Yuri’s Revenge Spawner in C++, with Belonit

- CnCNet Client .NET 7, now available for testing. More info in the Red Alert 2 channel on the CnCNet Discord. Credits: RanSacker for core implementation; devo1929, Kerbiter, Rampastring, SadPencil and Starkku for implementation support.

CnCNet - recent releases

- Ranked matches are divided into two leagues for Yuri’s Revenge - Champions and Contenders League. Contenders league allows newer players to compete in matches against similar skilled players.

- Ranked matches can be observed by a small vetted list of CnCNet streamers.

- Red Alert 2 Mode - Fixes Dog and Flak trooper behaviour, as per original Red Alert 2 gameplay. When dogs & Flak troopers are stationary, attacked, then commanded to move, they start running (crawling for Flak Trooper) and get a speed boost. Credits Belonit & Starkku

- Red Alert 2 / Yuri’s Revenge - New loading screen for observers. By @bhdrks78

- Red Alert 2 / Yuri’s Revenge - Observers can see underwater naval and cloaked (mirage, spy) units. Belonit & Starkku

- Clan Ladders for Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 1. Burg, Neo, Xme -

- CnCNet Client - Multi-language support by Kerbiter, SadPencil

Community spotlight

- Tiberian Sun 1vs1 Cash Tournament - Highlights here

- Tiberian Sun 24th Anniversary Event - Starting 18th Aug, ending on 27th Aug

- Yuri’s Revenge August Ranked Match Prizes, with thanks to Larry Appledrop for sponsoring. 1st Place Champions League - $40, 1st Place Contenders League - $20

- Red Alert 2, Yuri’s Revenge and Blitz - World Series Tournaments for all skill levels - August - $1,000 in Prizes!

- Blitz Bootcamp Nations Cup - friendly competition - pro & semi players excluded.

- C&C World-Altering Editor: A new map editor for Tiberian Sun, soon to also come for Yuri’s Revenge.

- Mobius Map Editor: a Tiberian Dawn/ Red Alert map editor based on the C&C Remastered map editor (Can run independently from the Remaster, using classic graphics. All necessary classic files are included in the download)

- Dawn of the Tiberium Age now includes a Co-Op version of the Tiberian Dawn GDI campaign, play with your friends!

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