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Ranked Match client issues

Hotfix release resolves many issues with the Ranked Match client

Ranked Match client issues
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Posted by Sneer
Published 1 month ago

Many players reported problems with newer versions of the Ranked Match client, especially when queueing on multiple ladders. Adding this ability has had a few impacts we did not consider before.

A few days ago the v1.81d hotfix version was released and various problems have been resolved. If you are among the players who love to queue on multiple ladders, please do not lose confidence in this function. If you encounter further problems, we appreciate a bug report including a log file. You find log files in a subdirectory called QM in RA2 installation folder. Apart from file paths to user directories, which you can remove or replace if you like, log files do not contain personal information and can be safely shared with developers.

We are always looking for testers willing to try out future releases of the Ranked Match client. If you are interested in helping out, please contact a developer and you will be added to the corresponding channel and get noticed whenever there is something to test.

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