Supporting CnCNet

Commanders, to keep CnCNet operational, donations from our community are crucial.

Love playing C&C online? CnCNet relies on donations to keep running.

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Posted by Grant
Published 3 months ago

We're a community run platform and rely on the generosity of the community to ensure our hosting costs are covered.

Full transparency
OpenCollective is a transparent fundraising and money management platform.  This allows CnCNet to receive donations from the community and manage expenses transparently with everyone.

A breakdown of our yearly costs
Domains: $138.15
Hosting, Licenses, Infrastructure: $2410.15
Total Costs: $2548.30

OpenCollective Balance: $118.31 (as of 22/04/2024) 

How to Donate?
If you can, please consider supporting us through our OpenCollective page

Thank you for supporting CnCNet. ????

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